On Saturday 01 November 2003 11:40 pm, Todd Young wrote:
> PC: IBM 300PL Type 6862-A7U
> 	P2 400MHz with 384Meg of RAM
> 	BIOS set to PNP OS = NO
> 	Actual chip CS4235-KQ
> SuSE shows ISA PnP Cirrus Logic CS4235-9 sound card.
> YaST Hardware info shows three instances of:
> 	Crystal Multimedia audio controller (identical)

Some "googling" shows this to be a correct match. According to one listing I 
saw for the 300PL it contains a "Crystal CS4235-KQ onboard sound card". I 
suspect that the three entries may be related to seperate functions.

FWIW the ALSA project website shows the cs4236 as the driver for CS4235 cards.

I found no entry for either CS4235-KQ or CS4235-9 in SuSE's HW DB. There are 
some listings for CS4235 but they are for older versions of SuSE and not very 

> RedHat and Mandrake have a nifty tool called "sndconfig" that worked
> wonders with the card, but I forgot to grab that part of the
> modules.conf file before wiping it to install SuSE.

The YaST sound module and alsaconf are designed to do the same thing.

FWIW I've had pretty good luck with YaST's detection. Some times the volume 
adjustments need to be checked. Also if you are running KDE you might look at 
its ALSA utilities.

Sorry it's not much help. Contact me off list if you want some more help 
troubleshooting. I've setup a bunch of sound cards on various versions of 
SuSE, including several finicky laptops.

Your local SuSE bigot... 
Jack Ungerleider
jack at jacku.com

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