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Category: Computer

Type of Ad: For Sale

Subject: CLARiiON C2800D-G SCSI Array 16x9gig

I have two CLARiiON C2800D-G SCSI Arrays. Branded SiliconGraphics, these are in black upright wheeled cabinets. They will hold up to 20 drives each, both currently have 16 9gig drives.

Dual controllers, three hot-swap power supplies, comes with all the SCSI cables you need plus power cables and console cable. Units require 25A, however I have tested them to run off a 20A circuit.

Each unit powers up and spins up its disks. No errors reported. Each unit's amber 'service' light remains lit after boot and initialization.

(Large) pics are here: (up to 1mg in size)

$250 each or make me an offer.

Seller Email address: rudie at rudie dot net

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