I figure some of you may be interested on how to get AiroNet cards working
with GtkSkan, so I figured I'd post a mini-howto.  :)

1) Download and compile gtkskan; available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/wavelan-tools
2) Disable the ESSID, Nickname, and Encryption on your Aironet card, ie:

# iwconfig eth0 essid off nick off key off

3) Put your card into 'rfmon' mode, ie:

# echo 'Mode: rfmon' > /proc/drivers/aironet/eth0/Config

4) Make sure your card is up, and in promisc:

# ifconfig eth0 up promisc

5) Start up gtkskan, and click 'Scan'

That's it, folks!

Using this method, I managed to snarf up 4 wireless networks on my way to
work.. one at my house, one where someone's got a Linksys AP behind a
cable modem, one of our neighbors here, and a junk laptop I have with a
wireless card in it acting as an access point (even though it's not
hooked up to anything on the other side.. it's good for testing.) Three of
the networks were on Channel 6; one was on Channel 1.

I know this works with the Cisco AiroNet AIR-PCM342; I will test with
Bob's 352 when he gets in.

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