On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 05:39:45PM -0500, Austad, Jay wrote:
> http://www.byte.com/documents/s=1436/byt20010926s0003/1001_bar.html
> I still have to do a writeup on what me and some friends had figured out.
> It takes advantage of multiple connections to the internet so you go out the
> closest available connection, and implements security other than WEP since
> WEP is fairly hopelessly broken.

Is it just me or does some of that story just sound a little to good to
be true?

10 Mbit home connection on which he can just load 70-80 people's traffic
onto for free? (I know he says he gets it for bartered services, but
what is he doing that will get him this connection?)

"* A web/mail/Usenet/IRC/bind 9.1 cluster running LVS (Linux Virtual
Servers, www.lvs.org) on 5 rack 1U computers. I chose no-name rack units
that have been sitting around idly in my lab. Each has 512 MB of RAM,
18-GB internal disk, and two NICs." - oh the horror of having 5 rack
mount servers just sitting around.

It might just be me, but I don't see this just happening. He's even
saying electronics are expensive in Isreal, but a 10Mbit connection 

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