May be interesting to tune into.

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Subject: cisco e-seminar on 802.11b

For those who are interested in 802.11b security(dynamic WEP), or Cisco
I've tuned into these e-seminars before, and they aren't bad - if you
don't mind the sales pitch... Usually there is some good info. This one
is scheduled for oct 24.


Understand technical capabilities of WLAN in the enterprise environment.
Learn the technical side about Cisco's Aironet 350 Series features and
Discuss how Cisco's WLAN can provide reliable connectivity without
compromising performance.
Discuss the technical details of Cisco's 350 security solution, and
where the IEEE is at with the security standard for WLANs.
Understand the current WLAN product technology, and how it compares to
future WLAN technology developments in the industry.

Ken Anderson

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