MobileStar's dead.

They are the company that does wireless service at StarBuck's.

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Subject: Re: [nycwireless] MobileStar - Fucked Company Rumor

Its true, they shut the doors, and laid everyone off yesterday.

I confirmed the rumor around 9am this morning by calling Kliesner's
former "executive" assistant vis cell phone.


> From:
> Shooting star
> Rumor has it wireless broadband company MobileStar laid everyone off today.
> Apparently the Nextel (to buy them) deal fell through. No severance, no
> nothing. Apparently these were the people wiring all the Starbucks with
> wireless Internet where you could just come in with your laptop and be
> online. Actually a cool idea... (in fact, i'm using a Linksys wireless card
> to write this right now in the bathroom as i am taking a dump. it's true!)
> When: 10/10/2001
> Company: MobileStar
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