Oops.  Sorry...  the unit is a model 340 not a 430.  I have my shoes on
the wrong feet too... 


On Wednesday (04/10/2002 at 09:03PM -0500), Chris Elmquist wrote:
> We have a Crisco Aironet 430 that had an unknown management password.
> Someone followed a procedure found a Crisco website that was supposed
> to revert the unit to factory settings and allow us to put a new
> password in.  Unfortunately, this procedure was wrong either entirely
> or just for the particular firmware version we were running-- and the
> result is that the unit has lost its "Installation Key".
> Without this key, the unit runs in an extremely crippled fashion--
> probably some kind of demo mode--  because it won't do WEP and it won't
> allow more than one node to associate with it.  Nice...
> Crisco says the unit is toast and we have to send it back for repair.
> It's out of warranty and I can't believe it would be cost effective
> to ship it to them, pay their service charge and ship it back-- when
> I can go to Best Buy and get any number of comparable units for
> ~$180.
> Has anyone experienced this bit of Crisco Rocket Science?  Is there
> another way out before we put this baby in the morgue?
> It would seem that if I had the 60 byte Installation Key file... I might be
> able to xmodem it onto the thing using a download or upload
> (depending on who is up and who is down :-)  ) function that I saw
> on one of the menus.
> I have seen numerous web postings where people have apparently experienced
> this same bit of botchery and Cisco has provided them with the key to
> fix the problem.  For us, they have taken the position that we have to
> send it back and they won't offer up any key.
> Chris
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