Concerning kismet... I can't get it to work reliably with my prism2.5 card.
To make it work at all I have to run 'prism2_monitor <channel>' on the
channel I want to sniff on.  It will then sniff on the channel I select, but
no others.  If I run the script and specify a new channel, it will start
sniffing on the new channel, but stop on the first channel.  Therefore, I
have to manually cycle through all the channels.  Additionally, it sometimes
stops working on all channels and I have to restart card services via
'/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart'.  What gives?

I am using:
    kernel 2.4.7-10
    Redhat 7.2
    kismet 1.4.2
    pcmcia-cs 3.1.33
    wlan-ng 0.1.10
    Linksys WPC11 v2.5
    Dell Inspiron 3200 PII 266Mhz


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> * Richard T Nechanicky <v0key at> [020427 09:03]:
> > Does anyone on this list have a running inventory of
> > Access Points mapped out in the Twin Cities area?
> If I get a GPS working, I would be willing to spend a day driving around
> the north metro area (coon rapids, anoka, etc) to look around with
> Kismet.  I've got a gps i can use, but its broked.
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