well- to follow up on this.  i've received a considerable amount of
response regarding the dates that i've put forward for a proposed meeting.
it looks like monday's are out of the question for a lot of people and
pretty much everyone that has responded to my invitation to host a meeting
has come back with tuesday as the day.

to that end...

i've taken the liberty of reserving a meeting room at the cisco
bloomington office for tuesday, may 7, 2002 @ 6:30PM (feel free to come
later if that's too early for you).  

it looks like any is willing to do a show-and-tell regarding his wap11
tower and there are plenty of topics for conversation / discussion.
soft-drinks are available (as is coffee of dubious quality) at no charge
and we have plenty of whiteboard space.

location details are available below. i'll be getting announcements out in
the local geeks channels (including TCLUG) within the evening.  for those
of you that haven't been to the local cisco office details are below.

i've invited the local herd of cisco geeks to attend with the warning that
this is a neutral user group and there is to be no blatant product pitches
or harassment.  

if you have some stuff you'd like to show and tell please let me know and
i'll make sure that you get some flight time.  look forward to seeing all
of you there.


from the north

* take 35w south
* take 494 east to the 34th avenue exit, turn right  
* immediately veer right and take the next right at the light onto
  80th street.  
* take the next immediate right onto international drive.  

from the south
just like coming from the north except you take 35w north to 494.

from the (east|west)
reaching 35w and following the above directions is left as an exercise
for the reader/attendee.

after you make it onto international drive ...

* international plaza is the large blue glass building to your left.  
* you may park in the ramp and take the ramp elevators to level 1.
  proceed through the glass doors to your right and down the lobby foyer
  the main bank of elevators. take the elevator to level 4

note: you will need to sign in at the guard desk and indicate that you are
there for the wireless users group meeting in the cisco office in suite

when last we saw our hero (Monday, Apr 29, 2002), 
 nryberg at uspsoig.gov was madly tapping out:
> I'm curious to see exactly what a re-cased WAP-11 would look like and what
> it does.
> How's a Saturday afternoon, sometime in May sound for people?  Maybe Dunn
> Bros. in St. Paul, as a good access point (so to speak), to get people
> together?
> I think we're approaching some sort of a critical mass in terms of people
> who are interested... Andy, and a number of other notables, have provided
> numerous, technically specific replies to my mega-newbie questions.  If we
> could have everyone more or less in the same room, especially with good
> coffee, that'd be really nice.
> If we can get a date going, how about intentionally cross-posting to the
> TC-LUG list?
> Since I'm a idea machine right now, who can I talk to about getting more
> content up on the www.TCWUG.org website?  This would be a good starting
> point for people who would like to know what it takes to get started,
> compatibility issues with *nix, and maybe some sample AP site maps of the
> Twin Cities...
> - Nick Ryberg
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> From: Andy Warner [mailto:andyw at pobox.com]
> Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2002 9:20 PM
> To: tcwug-list at tcwug.org
> Subject: Re: [TCWUG] interest in an actual community wireless network?
> I think a face-to-face meeting of TCWUG would be a great idea, long
> overdue. I'll offer to do some show and tell at a meeting, with a
> re-cased, tower mount WAP-11 with POE, as long as the meeting happens
> before I bolt it to my chimney :-) If anyone can supply a PCMCIA-capable
> Mac (or an Intermec AP), we could do an alchemy BOF too, where Lucent
> Silver cards were upgraded to Gold.
> -- 
> andyw at pobox.com
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