Welp, I finally did my first production-use 802.11b point-to-point (bridge
two wired networks together) installation last week.  :)

They had a fiber break, and needed quick connectivity, so I just sold'em
some of the stuff I had laying around. It's only about a 150ft link, but
hey, it's still cool!

Basically, two Linksys WAP11's with SMC's firmware, a 8dBi omni at one end
and a 19dBi parabolic grid at the other. Right now, the 8dBi is strapped
onto a bucket full of sand with tiewraps, and the grid is mounted to a
short mast that is mounted in (you guessed it!) a bucket full of sand,
which we then dumped water into to get a more solid base (heh, I bet the
ice has melted by now, though.. ah well!). This is just a hack to make do
for now; they are going to put up a permanent mount on each end (one of
the buildings already has a tower for ham radio, so we'll probably mount
the parabolic off that, and then do a wall mount for the omni on the other
end). They are also going to add lightning protection.

Link came up just fine, and they are seeing between 3.5mb and 5mb on it..
I didn't turn on some of the options on the WAP11's that help speed but
also can cause it to crash, otherwise we'd be seeing 6-7.

TCO: $750 (what i paid like 6 months ago for all the gear; if I went and
bought everything again now, I'd probably pay $500), mounts and lightning
protection not included.

Amazing how cheap you can do this stuff! This is only a 150ft link, but
with clear LoS, 1-2mi would be no problem with the same gear.

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