Asim Beg wrote:
> Does anyone have a recommendation for a PCI card that:
> - uses an external antenna
> - works easily with Linux (Prism II or Lucent based)
> I want to build an Access Point (Infrastructure mode) using Linux. Has 
> anyone tried doing it?. I don't want to use those ISA/PCI<-->PCMCIA cards.

If you're going to try and build a true AP from Linux, I believe
you'll want to go with a PrismII chipset, since Intersil supports
a mode called "HostAP", where the firmware does the highly time-sensitive
work (beaconing etc) and the driver basicly handles all the management
packets (association etc.) This should get you jump started:

As Scott pointed out in another posting, the Lucent card firmware
has AP functionality, but the doco describing the interface is
NDA material. Supposedly, the full docs for Intersil's HostAP mode
are covered by NDA too, but it is possible to release the driver
source without violating the NDA.

Why are you not interested in using the adapter cards ? If price
is the problem, MPC in Eagan currently has Lucent adapters for $10
(I believe they use a TI bridge chip, not a PLX.)
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