Asim Beg wrote:
> [...]
> Whats interesting is that the MAC addresses in (1) could not be located in 
> the public database....government/military/forged perhaps?.

Three things sprang to my mind:

	1. There's something else going on, like this isn't really 802.11b,
	   but the frames look close enough to fool my Lucent cards. Perhaps
	   it's the Karlnet or COR/ROR software loads for lucent gear or
	   something similar. It cannot be Breezecom FH stuff like the BA-II
	   because that would just never be demodulated.

	2. Someone goes to the trouble of inventing mac addresses that are
	   all over the map & overriding the manufacturers defaults with them,
	   why ?

	3. This is some really shoddy manufacturer that doesn't give a hoot about
	   using legit ethernet addresses - I suppose a minor variation on that
	   would be a small software outfit that doesn't want to pay the IEEE for
	   a block, but I'd recycle a dead company's oui before I just invented
	   random numbers.

My money is on some variant of option 1 above, I'd just love to know the

> Try this link to lookup MAC address

or /etc/manuf if you've ever installed ethereal. That
gets stale though. I find it's easier to pull the oui
list straight off the ieee site, cook it a little
and keep a local oui file up to date that way with cron.

> Andy: what software are you using for the map?
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