On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Mike Hicks wrote:
> Now that I actually have a laptop, and am starting to use wireless
> more frequently, I've noticed that the latencies on wireless aren't
> all that great, but they can vary quite a bit.  Noting that X11 (for
> instance) really starts to be painful once you hit about 50ms latency,
> I'm just curious if people have played with ways of speeding things
> up..
> How good of latencies can you ordinarily get with 802.11 anyway?  I
> suppose there could be things that keep it from being as good as wired
> networks, but I don't know much about this.

At my house here, I generally get 2-5ms.

A few tips:

- Turning off WEP helps. It sucks, but helps. IPSec and/or SSH rule.  :)
- Place multiple BSS's around the area you're trying to cover, each
  running the same ESSID and WEP key (if you're using WEP), but on
  differenet channels. This will allow you to get the strongest signal
  possible wherever you happen to be.

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