Austad, Jay wrote:
> Wow, it's amazing how many AP's are wide open here.  Went driving for about
> 2 hours the other night, and found over 150 AP's.  Only about 25% had WEP
> enabled.  Sad.

Yup it's stunning, isn't it. I've logged something north
of 544 access points, with 191 running WEP (35%.) Careful
that you don't fall into the trap of assuming that because
you can stumble an unencrypted 'net that it's open. Just because
you can get associated with an AP doesn't mean you can move data.

> Even residential neighborhoods have a ton of them.  Also, there's one SSID
> that pops up all over the U, it's "SNAPPLE".  Do Snapple machines have
> 802.11 in them to tell the Snapple drivers when they are low?

We've got some list members from the U, speak up :-)
You can watch the residential units multiply like rabbits in
affluent neighborhoods, there's a street round the corner from
me with 4 linksys units running (all on the same channel, all
without WEP.) Two of those cropped up just after Christmas - guess
what santa brought :-)

> Chipolte also has one, and WEP is disabled.  I hope it's not for their
> credit card machine.

It is not; but it does provide free internet access if you so desire.
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