On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Ken Williams wrote:
> I've been enjoying the free 802.11 at the Dunn Brothers in downtown St.
> Paul.  However, they have pretty limited hours, especially on Sunday,
> and the parking meters are a pain.  Is there a list of other places like
> this?  I'm new to the list (obviously =).

Free 802.11 at Dunn Brothers? Cool, nobody filled me in.  :)

I don't know of many local places doing free 802.11 yet -- that's kind of
one of the things I'd like to see TCWUG members providing, eventually. The
guys at BAWUG/NYCWireless/SeattleWireless are very good at finding members
in buildings overlooking coffee shops and things like that, and having the
members throw up a 15dBi grid antenna pointed at it so the shop gets
covered. Very cool, and I'd love to see the same thing from us.

Eventually, I'm planning on picking up another 8dBi omni, and throwing it
on an open access point on the roof of my house. Haven't decided if I want
to use NoCat or anything like that to limit access, though.. it would be
kind of cool to set up a central tcwug authentication server and make
everyone who wants to use our network sign up for an account.

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