Hello All,

I am looking at upgrading my antenna (which I use for
picking up WLANs from a distance...not really war
driving since it will be set up on a tripod).  Just so
you all don't think I am a nut case, I have been doing
this for clients across the country as they deploy
WLANs (not to mention my own R&D around the Twin

The question I have is do any of you have any
recommended antennas/amplifiers (or packages) based
upon your experience or what you have read/heard.

My current shopping list includes the following
antenna and amplifier that I will be plugging into my
Orinco card, so any feedback would be greatly
appreciated.  If there are any engineers (e.g. EEs)
out there, please feel free to comment on the
combination I have below and if it makes sense...

(1) HyperGain® 2.4 GHz Mini 15 dBi Reflector Grid
Antenna (model HG2415G)
(2) HyperAmp™ 500 mW 2.4 GHz Bi-Directional AGC
Amplifier (model HA2401-AGC500 with Automatic Gain

Thanks in advance for the help,

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