Nate -

I'm thinking about setting my dad up with a solution to a similar solution.
My parents are living in kind of a dual home situation to help out my
grandparents who are across the street, about 500 feet away.  

What would you suggest for an AP and or antenna that could make that reach?
Or would most products out there do it on their own?

- Nick

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On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Jacqueline Urick wrote:
> I'd really like to get started on setting something up in my apt, so I
> can surf at the coffee house a block away and on my patio. Is this
> feasible? Where/what do you recommend I start reading?

Depends what's between you, your patio, and at the coffee house.  :)

Do you have los (line of sight) to the coffee house from your patio?

if you do, you may be able to throw a directional antenna pointed at the
coffee house on your patio, and get everything you need.

otherwise, you'll have to convince someone to come out with a buncha gear
to see what we can rig up! :)

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