Have we missed the November meeting already?  Was it held last night on
election night?


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On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 06:54:41AM -0500, steve ulrich wrote:
>i've been able to come to terms with some scheduling snafus and would
>like to outline the following suggested meeting times.
>for the month of november there are some hiccoughs for the meeting on
>the first tuesday of the month.  hence i'm suggesting that (and i've
>arrangements to support) the meeting be held on the second tuesday in
>november (nov-12, 2002). 
>to address some of the near term items i'm suggesting that we get
>together this saturday afternoon at location close to downtown with
>wireless access.  i'm working out the details associated with getting
>a room at one of the dunn bros. which also has wireless acces.  more
>on this as i get the details.
That sounds great.  As an alternative we could thinkk about the building
we just had the installfest at.  Of course we would have to talk with
Scot Jenkins.  This is just a thought off the top of my head.  I am sure
he would be receptive to the idea, we just need to propose it to him.

There is also a book store/art gallery on Washington and (some street by
the dome) that has a fairly large public area and wireless.
I just fear dunn bros. will be very crowded.
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