my apologies for the delay in getting this message out.  it turns out
that i have some hard commitments for work which mean that i won't be
able to host the meeting this week.  

after bouncing at across the folks in #tcwug (albeit a faithful and
small audience) it sounds like another informal meeting this saturday
(nov-16, 2002) would be in order and we can follow up with a more
formal meeting on tuesday nov-19, 2002. 

given my rather hectic travel schedule it might be in the best
interests of the group as a whole to consider arrangements which are
not so closely tied to my providing a meeting location.  happy as work
is to accomodate us in this matter it does fall upon me and my awkward
at times schedule to handle this.  i really don't like the notion of
impacting the group negatively like this. 

might i suggest that we make planning for logistics and such a
priority item for discussion when we meet?

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