> From: Ben Kochie <ben at nerp.net>
>>> #3: Provide a base for business and non-business wireless spectrum
>>> allocation and sharing.
>> Business? I thought this was going to be a <non-profit> cooperative effort.
> it is, but I wanted to include the business (internet) community in the
> effort so that we can provide a starting point for spectrum allocation.
> If we don't do something like this, we will have the same situation we
> have in other areas where a business decides to plop down equipment, on
> the same channel, and refuse to budge.

That's why we, as the originators of a community wireless network should be
the first to plop down equipment and refuse to budge. The business interests
have lobbies in Washington. We <don't>.

Cooperating with the business community on access to networks and site
locations for APs is a legitimate concern. Spectrum allocation? Let them go
to the next FCC auction.

> I want to be able to have a cross
> section of public and private experts in wireless be able to help advance
> the efficient use of spectrum.

To whose benefit?

>>> #4: Promote the use of ham radio, and ham clubs.
>> Immaterial.
> Immaterial for you, but one of my long-term goals.
> - -ben

Your personal long term goals and those of a community wireless network in
the Twin Cities are not the same. Amateur Radio already have packet networks
on their spectrum. Let them use theirs. We'll develop our own.