On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 11:32:23PM -0500, Chuck Cole wrote:
> Jeff asked where I saw these notices, so I thought others might enjoy the
> references...
> Fraudulent cell phone antenna boosters described here:
> http://cellantenna.com/internal_cell_phone_antenna.htm


KMSP did a test a while ago in a real testing center, it's amazing what
stupid things people will buy. Of course, these _are_ the people holding
a device that puts out somewhere between 1/2 watt and 3 watts right
next to their brain.

> also sold with similarly fraudulent "radiation shields":
> http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/cellshlds.htm
> I'm not sure that the ad I saw for lead-lined jeans was a joke... might have
> been a product for sale!  Be careful!  The power output of a typical
> wireless card or cell phone is much more than a million times the natural
> radiation around "sensitive parts", so maybe TCWUG should make some public
> service announcements...
> ---
> Chuck

You might be interested in their other stories as well:


Including such beauties as the TeleZapper, Ink Jet Refill Kit, and of course
the Pro Trim Paint Roller.

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