Tcwug has been donated gear to do a "semi-permanent" install on Moos
Tower.  And an agreement has been made to provide enough gear for at
least 2 of the 4 planed radios for Moos.  The donor is Arnan Services
Inc. (the company I work for).  The arrangement is straightforward.

Arnan provides the gear necesary for the tcwug/ham nodes on Moos and in
return has access to the "backup" gear that will be installed as the
"semi-permanent" node, the node that we will be installing shortly.

This first node is meant mainly to test the waters of the topology and
interferance issues.  We plan to move quickly to setting up a node that
will service the wug/ham on a permanent nature.  We currently have gear
in inventory that can fill the "semi-permanent" position I speak of.
The other gear must be ordered.

Ben has suggested using a soekris box with the demark 180mw cards for
each side of the building.  These units have room for two cards and also
have two NIC's on board (sorry no URL it is the

So my question is who would like to help install this gear?  And what
days/times are good for those interested?  We can do this as early as
tommorow from a gear standpoint.


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