Hey Scott-

No worries here, Scott. I believe that most of us here are involved in
TC-WUG because we are hobbiests, and not interested in personal gain.

Then again, this statement is not reflective *all* of us. =)

Yes, The Gopher Amateur Radio Club (Ben and I) proposed this project to
TC-WUG a few months ago. Perhaps the list archives would be a good thing
to read for the new comers. =)

---Matthew Genelin---
President, Gopher Amateur Radio Club
at The University of Minnesota

> Note and disclaimer since someone didn't care to try and figure this out
> First:
> I work for UMN.  My mailings to this list have no relationship with UMN
> and should not be considered any sort of official capacity of UMN.  I am
> doing this purely for hobby at this point and have not been organizing
> the parts of the UMN facilities issues.  In theory, I believe the Gopher
> Amateur Radio Club is involved officially in this aspect.
> Secondly:
> I am not a officer of the Gopher Amateur Radio Club, therefore, I also
> can't speak in an sort of official capacity on any such topics that
> require an official response.
> --
> This is not to be mean, however I am recieving some private emails that
> I will refuse to respond to because I'm definately not the correct
> person to respond.
> Thanks!
> --
> Scott Dier <dieman at ringworld.org> KC0OBS http://www.ringworld.org/
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