Amazon has a deal with SMC running now where you can get a $40 mail in
rebate if you buy the SMC 7004AWBR, so including the rebate it is just under
$100.  That's a really good deal, with a lot of features for the price...
you can even get free shipping on it.

SMC Wireless 4-Port Cable/DSL Router with Print Server

Amazon has such long urls but that should work.  There is a link there to
the mail in rebate so it can be printed out.  I just ordered it myself so I
don't know how it works yet, but what I've read it is a good WAP.  Maybe
someone else on the list can elaborate on it's usage...


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> hey folks, I'm fairly new to the twin cities, having just moved here
> from New York (City), new to this list, and brand new to wireless.  I'm
> planning on setting up wireless access, and i'm looking for some
> recommendations on access points.  I'd initially thought about setting
> up an access point using an old pentium, and linux, but I'm having
> second thoughts on that, I'm not totally talked out of it, but I'm
> certainly getting there, in large part b/c I'm just not sure that I
> want another box to keep an eye on :)
> so, I've been looking at various reviews on access points, and I'm
> looking for something below $150.  There's a few that look good, but I
> was wondering if anyone on this list had first hand experience to share.
> thanks
> -arif
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