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thanks for taking a look at it.  you sumed up our problems with the
agreement.  The ham club is a really small group, and we have only
slightly more funding than TCWUG, mostly because I gave the group $20 for
dues ;)

I would like to see equipment and/or money donated to the club.  we are a
registered U student organization, and a registered non-profit org.  so
anyone donating can recive tax write-offs.  the main reasons I was given
for why there needs to be a lease involved, is that Arnan does not want
the equipment donated, and taken home/pocketed by club members.  I can
understand this, but setting up a lease agreement is not the way to do it.

I'm willing to cough up a few hundred $ to purchase some of the equipment.
I am thinking about picking up outdoor enclosures, antenna masts, LMR-400,
and associated LMR-400 tools.  I may also order a soekris SBC so that I
can start testing and setting up my hostAP linux distro.

the soekris board is $277 for a single unit, or $270 for 2-4 units.  so if
anyone wants to go in on an order, let me know.  maybe we can get enough
orders to get the 5-24 discount.

- -ben

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On Mon, 7 Oct 2002, Bob Tanner wrote:

> Quoting SpencerUnderground (spencer at autonomous.tv):
> > I reported last week we had a donor for some equiptment to install on
> > Moos Tower. Well, we still do. However, there is a hurdle that we must
> > overcome.
> Can you or someone from the Radio Club eloborate on why they wouldn't sign it?
> Since the TCWUG is just a group of people, who just share a common interest, who
> is going to sign on the dotted line?
> Is the group really ready and willing to accept the following points:
> Item 6 is a little draconian. If I read this right, something breaks, TCWUG
> would be responsible to fix it. Where does the money come from?
> Item 9 is another draconian measure. Hail storm comes through, TCWUG would be
> responsible for fixing/replacing the equipment. What is the value of the
> equipment?
> Item 10 requires more money.
> Item 14 isn't part of what is trying to be done here for personal, family and
> household purposes? I know I'd like to use it for personal usage.
> Personally, I would not sign this lease. Since TCWUG has no funds, I would not
> want to have to fork out the (personal) cash if any of the above lease items
> need to be invoked.

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