After reading the "Lease" the equipment to be provided shows 10dB Omni and
500mW amplifier. Does the Ham Club assume responsibility for proper use? The
use of a 500mW amp with an Omni is questionable.


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I reported last week we had a donor for some equiptment to install on
Moos Tower. Well, we still do. However, there is a hurdle that we must

Arnan Services Inc. is a corporation.  They are willing to lease the
equiptment to the Ham club at no cost ever.  They only want a signed
agreement between the Ham club and Arnan.  Ben has spoken with the
President of the Ham club and they have decided not to sign the

I have attached a pdf of the document for everyone to review.  Arnan is
willing to be flexible about alot of things, but they must get a signed
agreement in order to relinquish control of the equipment.  They are
willing to provide a fair amount of the equiptment necessary to really
"kick-off" the Moos Tower/TCWUG wireless project.

I truly hope that this issue will not prevent the group from
expeditiously realizing some of its goals.  

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