I posted a message sort of related to this to the TCLUG list (hasn't 
made it yet though).  But, I figure this is a better place to ask a 
more specific question.  Where can I get 802.11 based cordless phones?  
Symbol Technologies has their NetVision Series, which looks cool, but I 
can't find a vendor that sells them, except for the most expensive 
phone which is $508.

I know there are other vendors out there that make these, as Cisco told 
me about a few when I was demoing one of their IP phone systems.  And 
some of the handsets were fairly cheap too.  Does anyone know where I 
can find more info on these or pick some up?

I'm planning on using these with Asterisk (http://www.asteriskpbx.com) 
for my phone system in my house.