Yes, security does matter.  It will matter for as long as we all will
live.  Why are manufacturer including WEP on their hardware at all?  I
doubt that it is cost effective to.  In the business environment,
security is becoming priority number one it is not already.

The way I see wireless access points is that they are like a door.  You
an either leave it open or close the door with WEP or some other more
advanced security.  I think an open door is generally regarded as
inviting but maybe it depends on the context.  What does non-secure
802.11 from an unknown source in my house say?  Hop on the network or
say off?

Anyways, it should not and does not have to be about
annoying/scaring/threatening/blackmailing, it should be about education
and cooperation.  If TCWUG isn't informing and working with the public
then what is it for?  TCWUG should be helping people setup open networks
as correctly as we can in their neighborhood either by doing site
surveys, recommending hardware, basic guidance on AP setup, and just
spreading the wireless word.


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