> Do you drive around looking for open doors, then stop and tell those
> people how insecure their home is because it's open? Some people
> don't mind neighbors coming in, some people find it more convenient,
> and others just weigh the chances of theft vs. convenience and decide
> to leave the door open.

Nope, I do not drive around looking for open doors and tell them it is
insecure.  I know people that do leave their doors open and I do not
discuss the merits of locking their door.  I always though this was kind
of common sense.  Since wireless is a little more complicated than a
door and a more recent technology I would figure that people may be a
bit more open to suggestions.

Looking for access points in the cities here is a pretty good way to
narrow marketing for the group.  People with an access point are
probably going to be interested in wireless.

This whole thread has kind of been blown out of proportion.  My whole
thing was not about security.  It was about finding other people to
participate in TCWUG.  There are not that many topics with wireless that
your average user is going to be interested in.

I figured security would be something people would have a keener
interest in.  WEP is easy to talk about.  It is fairly easy to implement
and it is free.  We can just as easily talk about Linux AP's, maybe some
802.11x, antennas or RF but your average user will probably fain
interest and not be seen again.  The group needs to be more
user-friendly and not necessarily nerd-friendly.

> We aren't the wireless police, we can give advice -to people who
> care to ask-. A lot of people are perfectly happy to let people use
> access point as long as it doesn't involve any further hassle (ie,
> maintaining
> a captive portal type system).

I agree we cannot be wireless police.  I think it is just fine if people
want to use their open access points and not have anyone bother them.
How do I know that's what you are trying to do?  I'm saying WEP would be
a pretty cheap and obvious, "no you cannot and leave me alone".

> The TCWUG is not a cause (secure the planet, woohoo!), it's a group of
> people
> interested in wireless. If someone isn't interested in the group, they
> shouldn't be bothered by members.

I think TCWUG should be a cause, a wireless network for everybody.  I'm
also interested in wireless but want to do something too.  Sitting
around a table and talking about wireless doesn't really appeal to me
and by the attendance at the meetings I think others feel the same way.

This thread brings up some questions about the goals of this group.  
Should the group work on wireless projects within the Twin Cities?  

Do we want to educate users about issues like security?

What are the things TCWUG want to accomplish?


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