Spencer Butler wrote:

>On Fri, Aug 15, 2003 at 06:26:54PM -0500, Neal Krasnoff wrote:
>>We should concecrate on getting an actual wireless network operating at 
>>Loring Park, and then go from there.
>That sounds like a very sensible idea.  What is the essid?  What is the
>topology?  Where is the Internet coming from?  Is NoCAT being used?
>Forgive me, I have missed the last few meetings.
Take a look at the meeting notes posted to the list, or the archives. 
I'm in the final stages of determining which antennas I will purchase 
for the first phase of coverage. I'm trying to decide if we should go 
omni and provide the immediate neighborhood with coverage as well as the 
park. If not, a panel antenna would be sufficient if the horizontal 
beamwidth is wide enough.

>As relative to this thread, I firmly believe we must first addres[s] OUR
>issues before we begin to 'police' others.
Agreed. Providing public wireless access is our prime directive.

IMHO, of course. :-)


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