> I have been reading with interest about the planning going into to
coverage of Loring Park. A comment about antenna  > selection: If MCTC
is using wireless internally in its building (which I suspect it is) and
possibly areas between 
> its campus buildings, I would suggest making sure coverage and channel
selection do not interfere with the college. A > directional antenna
would go a long way to help.

We have had a meeting with MCTC and will continue to meet with MCTC.  We
should not have a problem with both wireless networks coexisting.  MCTC
is looking to make its wireless network internal to the school and the
immediate area around it.  It did not sound as though they were planning
on providing for anything outside of the school grounds.  TCWUG will be
on the roof so we should overshoot any kind of Wi-Fi they will setup.
If for some reason there is a problem with the two networks we will work
around MCTC.  They are donating the area and we need to and will respect
their plans for wireless access.

The real problem with the park is not MCTC but others around the park.
The area is becoming pretty saturated with 802.11 from people around the


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