I'm new to this list but I do recognize a handful of names from other
circles I'm in.  Anyway, to get some context and list background, I was
looking through the list archives and saw an April discussion by Ben Kochie
and Chad Walstrom (among others) about an access point on Biosci.  

Does anyone know if this has panned out, and if it has, if there are any
access requirements (registration, University folks only, etc.)?

Second topic: has anyone heard of or used the 'multipolar' antennas that
www.wifi-plus.com is advertising for 2.4ghz?  They have several models, up
to 22 dbi gain, and they claim to work much better than regular antennas in
situations with obstructions (trees, etc.).  They have a message board too
but it has not been up very long so there are a limited number of postings
on it.  The message board does contain positive postings.

I did look into the folks behind these antennas, and its looks like the
same guys who were creating the Nil-Jon antennas used for lower frequency
bands.  Googling found me several positive, apparantly independent,
references to the Nil-Jon antennas.  I couldn't find any reviews or
comments on their newer 2.4ghz designs other than what is on their site.  I
did speak to two of the guys behind wifi-plus and they said it is such a
new design to the market that reviews on this product in particular haven't
come out yet.

That's all for now :)


  Haudy Kazemi

"The Net treats censorship as damage and routes around it." - John Gilmore

"Government is like a fire, useful in the fireplace, but if it gets out of
it's place, it will consume everything you own." - George Washington

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