> Now my brother has gotten a Linksys AP and wants to use WEP with his
> The Linksys offers 64 or 128 bit WEP, but I believe the Mac wants 40
> 104
> bit "passwords". Should he establish a 15 character key and enter
> characters in as the Mac password?

I Goolged and found this on the proxim web site about 40 and 64 bit WEP.
It's brief and not very techie.

Basically it says they are the same.  You should get 10 hex numbers with
64 bit WEP and 26 hex numbers with 128 bit WEP.

I'd stick to the hex numbers and not the pass-phrase that is used to
create it.  It's a drag to type all of the numbers and such but it
sounds like some folks have had problems with some WEP key generators.
You should be all right to use the pass-phrase if you stick with the
same wireless manufacturer I would imagine.  I've had good luck with
Linksys at least.

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