On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 08:04:33AM -0600, Jon Kotek wrote:
>I just bought a ReplayTV for the bedroom and I am looking into attaching an 
>Ethernet to wireless bridge to it (I hate running cables) I have heard mixed 
>reviews about Netgear ME101 and I am wondering if anyone on here has had 
>experince with it.  I found it on Amazon for 59 bucks which is alot better 
>then the 139 for the LinkSys ethernet bridge.
One thing you may want to consider is bandwidth usage.  I don't have any
experience with replaytv, but I do have some experience with wifi and
heavy bandwidth issues.  Depending on variables such as link quality and
data rate your throughput can range quite a bit.  In my experience, in
an ideal wifi network the maximun throughput is ~4Mbs.  Of course the
protocal you use to transmit the data is also a factor (http vs smb,
http will be considerable faster for example).  I don't have any hard
and fast numbers to offer you.  I just wanted to point out a couple
things you may not have thought of.  BTW, the DWL-900+ Ben speaks of
also does 22Mbs, hence the '+', the only caveat is the lack of linux
drivers for these cards.

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