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>> things you may not have thought of.  BTW, the DWL-900+ Ben speaks of
>> also does 22Mbs, hence the '+', the only caveat is the lack of linux
>> drivers for these cards.
>I was speaking about this AP, which doesn't require drivers.  and with the
>AP config, it can be locked to pure b mode.  so no problems with any OS :)
Yes, I realize that, and you are very much correct.  I was speaking on
using the 22Mbs mode for increased throughput.  Which brings me to
something I hadn't thought of before.

If you buy two of these dwl-900+ you can solve most, if not all of your
problems.  Just configure the two radios in point-to-point (dlink speak)
mode using the full 22Mbs setting.  As long as the replaytv (or the
computer it connects to) has a NIC, you are golden (you will need a XOR
cable).  The 900+ plus will also allow you to configure the unit to set
the diversity to the external anttenna, which you can then attach an
external antenna if you need one.  However, if this is from downstairs
to upstairs, you will probably be ok with the stock antennas.

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