On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, steve ulrich wrote:

> iirc - kent is a couple blocks away from the walker on the south side
> up the hill.  i don't know what his visibility is to the walker but
> that might be an option for hopping down towards uptown. 

Actually, I moved a couple blocks farther into the neighborhood.  There is
actually a potentially great building for an antenna location at 1800
Hennepin - it's The Kenwood, an assisted living high rise.  I have been on
the top and there is quite a lot of good access to tall buildings to the
south and west.  The management let me up there about 1.5 years ago to
take a look.  They seemed to be reluctant to additional antennae, but left
it open asking for a proposal.  I believe there is a VoiceStream cell
tower and a huge HAM antenna already up there.  It's about 18 stories to 
the top.  There are a couple other high rises between The Kenwood and the 
Walker - right on Douglas.