On Tue, 13 May 2003, Joel R. Helgeson wrote:
> Does anyone know of any high speed free-space optical bridges that can
> achieve 100mb/s on up to gigabit/sec throughput? Are there any vendors
> out there that you're familiar with or have used/seen customers use?

Western Multiplex (apparently bought out by Proxim) sells fairly high 
speed stuff. If I recall correctly, a complete 100mbit full duplex setup 
from them was around $25,000 installed, including everything (radios, 
antennas, etc.)

The 'Lynx' series is designed to be used in place of telco links - IE, 
they provide T1/DS3/OC3 ports.

The 'Tsunami' series gives you 10/100mbit or gigabit ethernet ports on
each end; can provide up to 400mbit of bandwidth. Also gives you sideband
T1 to boot if you want to do voice (or data t1, I suppose) connections
between the buildings.

Check out http://www.proxim.com.

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