Haven't seen an update..

Both Ridgedale and York libraries now have WiFi.  Requires a simple browser checkin, then seems very good.  Has Port 25 open.

Beside the Apple shop in Southdale, there are no other free hotspots in the Southdale area, right?

Several SurfThing locations have lost Port 25 access amd may not regain it.  Charter cable and Frontier's DSL block port 25.  I can
no longer use my smtpauth to send mail via my ISP as I do at most sites, including this one in CO.  While I can use web mail, that's
a big nuisance that creates extra housekeeping work for me, so I just go elsewhere.

Diamond's coffee shop at 1618 Central Ave NE has free WiFi and may be a good alternative to Dunn on 3rd for meetings.  Parking is
MUCH easier and I think all parking options are free.  Might have a bigger menu.


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> I hear that Hennepin County Libraries are testing wireless
> internet access. Currently the only library supporting
> it is Ridgedale - testing there is slated to run through
> September, with plans to subsequently roll out support
> at Southdale and Maple Grove. Brookdale and Eden Prairie
> are planned to have it when their new facilities open
> sometime in 2004. The roll-out will continue through
> 2004 to other libraries in the Hennepin County system.

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