On Apr 2, 2004, at 5:09 PM, Toni Decker wrote:

> I've been in the park twice now with my Powerbook.  The first time I 
> sat across the street from Dunn Bros. on a bench by the pond.  The 
> second time more in the center of the park by the garden.  On both 
> occasions I was able to get a signal,  although not a very strong one. 
>   The location across from Dunn. Bros. seemed to be stronger then in 
> the central location.   My experience with both locations was the 
> surfing was slow and sometimes not at all.
> Is there a spot in the park that is closer to the access points or is 
> the whole park on the same signal strength?

The antennas have to be re-aimed, and a repeater site on Harmon Place 
will be installed April 14th or 15th. MCTC will be in operation when 
technical details are worked out.


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