I have two offices in Florida that are going to be doing wireless, so we 
don't have to put two T-1's 100' away from each other.  This is a building 
complex with 4 buildings seperated by a 100' x 100' courtyard (they call 
it the shire...god I hate Florida)  Our two offices are directly across 
from each other, both on the 2nd (top) floor.

Ultimately, I'd like to just be able to use two 18" cisco yagi's pointed 
at each other through the windows.  I've read that some glass is a big 
problem, and some is not.  The landlord says the windows are tinted and 
tempered.  Since the offices are directly across from each other and on 
the same floor, the angle of incidence into the windows would be 90 

I'm more interested in actual success stories rather than the theoretical 
"blah blah law says...index of refraction...multiplied by theta..." - I 
will be config'ing and shipping the equipment to the site, where a 
semi-competent phone system installer will be mounting and plugging in. 
So I have to know that this either will or will not work, since the Boy 
Wonder of Phone Systems won't be of any help if it fails to come up.

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