Haudy Kazemi wrote:
> At 11:26 AM 12/17/2004 -0600, Adam Maloney wrote:
> >I have two offices in Florida that are going to be doing wireless, so we 
> >[...]
> I'm pretty sure two 18" yagis will give you more than enough signal to get
> through that glass.  If the antennas are anything like the ones here
> [...]
> I'd say go for it...I think you've got a better than 90% chance it'll work;

I agree that with the yagis it has an overwhelming chance of
success. One additional note, try and dissuade the tip & ring
guy from putting the yagis right up to the window. Saving
a few extra feet is probably not going to help in any
significant way, and if the windows are metalised then
this will most likely just mess with the radiation pattern
of the yagi, effectively lowering their gain. Setting them back
from the windows at least 4-6' and making sure they are not right
up against other metal such as ductwork, ceiling grid, window frame
etc will help.
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