* Mike Ellsworth <mellsworth at stratvantage.com> [041227 21:53]:
> We're looking to buy a couple handheld devices to do indoor and outdoor site
> surveys with. We'd prefer to avoid Windows-based devices, and are looking
> for inexpensive solutions as we may be buying several more. Units that can
> also do security audits would be a plus, although not required. GPS would be
> great.
> Many of the units seem to be very expensive, and some make you buy the
> Windows handheld separately. Is there anything out there that's good and
> based on, say, the Zaurus?

I would just get an ipaq, a pcmcia backpack, handheld.org's familiar,
kismet, a GPS (one that does bluetooth, perhaps, even), a wireless card
(like the d-link prism2 high-power card, because it has a detachable
antenna and fairly good sensitivity), and post-process the logs after
your done. 

I've worked with all of the above sans GPS, and it does a pretty good

Kismet pumps out logs in tons of great formats, and you should be able
to get a good set of coordinates for each AP if you make enough samples.
Kismet can also log *everything* into pcap, so you can crack wep keys
later (do it during the day when people are using the wlan, too, tho).

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