Hello all,

I believe StoneBridge Wireless here in the TC is using BreezeCom as per
their Web site info under FAQ section. 

FAQ: Who designed the radio units?
StoneBridge Wireless uses radio units made by Alvarion formally named
BreezeCom. They are an Israeli outfit, originally named LanAir, that
designed these systems for use in tank-to-tank, and tank-to-HQ, real-time
communication for telemetry and computer communication for the Israeli
military. Each unit is programmable to use different frequency hopping
patterns within the 79 frequencies  in the spectrum, and to hop between
these frequencies at 10-30 times per second. A client radio picks up this
sequence from the sending unit and they hop in an identical pattern.
Individual packets can be lost or dropped and there is no data loss.

For more info on StoneBridge go to:

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I've had nothing but bad experiences with BreezeCom/Alvarion, that said:

They can claim whatever they wish, what you should do is ask for a demo
setup that you can test for a month or however long. Set it up, watch it
fail to live up to expectations (as usual) then kindly ship it back to them
and say no thanks.

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