when last we saw our hero (Monday, Sep 13, 2004), 
 Yaron was madly tapping out:
> Ok...
> I've had enough of this Netgear AP. Sure, it has an actual firewall
> built in, and a printer port, but the range on it is CRAP. I can't
> get decent reception one level up or down inside my own house, and
> I'm fairly sure I stripped all the lead paint! Even when I plugged
> an omnidirectional antenna to it, I still got pretty bad reception.
> with any device I use.
> So, what brands do you guys recommend for better connectivity?

if money is no object, i recommend the cisco APs,  i've got an 1100
w/the G RF deck in it and i really like having all of the flexibility
that it affords, the only downside are the relatively poor options,
i.e., none.  (disclaimer: i'm an engineer for cisco)  

for really cost effective consumer grade gear, i've been pretty
impressed with the linksys wrt54g for which, there are several free
linux based firmware enhancements.  the RF deck is as decent as the
others in the consumer space and the software features are great,
especially if you're using something other than the stock linksys
images. a definite plus with these is the ease with which you can
replace the external rubber duck antennas.

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