>As far as I
> can tell cell phones don't have nearly the amount of popping/clicking as
> cordless phones.  Is this because they run on licensed frequencies, use
> better hardware, or both?

Yes.  Licensed services have primary non-interference rights on their
licensed frequencies with appropriate power to accomplish the task using
better hardware and a single type of service for the licensed frequency.
The theory with a non-license shared service is that it will work well as
low use low power product.  This is fine until everyone in every
neighborhood has one (remember 49MHz phones and listening to baby monitors.
Then the phones moved to 900MHz and so did the baby monitors, Duh!).  Add to
that the fact that many different non-compatible modulation products are
using the same bandwidth (bandwidth really means range of frequencies, not

Cell phones have many other problems depending on the service provider and
where you need to use it.  I hate cell phones!! There is some service
problem with every provider.  I would like to throw mine in the toilet.
Alas,  I need it to solve other people's problems.

Trying to go back to stealth mode again.

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