Steve Ulrich, TCWUG,
TCWUG info &/or TCWUG Webmaster  and
Minneapolis City Councilmember Gary Schiff (Ward 9),

     cc: the "tcwug-list at" list server:

I went to the Mpls DFL convention this past Saturday May 14th.
(No Endorsement for Mayor;  WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!)
While there, I had a brief conversation with my councilman, Mr. Gary 
Schiff, of Ward 9

I mentioned to him:
the web site (,
how you have meetings (, 
typically every second Tuesday of the month,
how your organization is better informed as to Wi-Fi (and Wi-Max) issues 
than most other people,
and my concern that the proposed City of Minneapolis' Wi-Fi network be 
"done right", including (but not limited to) compatibility with Wi-Fi 
versus Wi-Max.

* I hope that this memo, sent to all of you, will start a conversation 
between the TCWUG and Mr. Schiff,
such that Councilmember Schiff, one of the decision makers regarding the 
proposed Wi-Fi network in Minneapolis, will be better informed with his 
own questions, concerns &/or requirements  when the city's staff comes 
to him with the proposed system. 

* Please invite him, or his aide, to one of your meetings such that you 
can exchange information, and hopefully result in a better Wi-Fi system 
down the road.

* At the very least, please send him some sort of a summary of your 
concerns so that he can pass them along to the relevant staff members.

Thank you,

Leif  O.  Pihl