On Mon, 16 May 2005, Rob Wentworth wrote:

> you will see that the method described involves handing off the roaming 
> connection by having the NEW access point tunnel to the OLD access 
> point, which proxies the existing connection(s) in progress, thereby 
> maintaining existing connections without changing the IP address. The

Very cool.

> end-user also maintains a consistent local IP address. The software is 
> available at sourceforge and they are asking people to use it. One 
> caveat is that it appears that Win32 and WinCE users are not able to

As clients?  If the tunneling is done entirely at the AP level, it should 
be transparent, no?

I still maintain that my other points (support, billing, TOS, quality of 
service) still preclude using individual's broadband for net access.

But it does solve the IP/NAT problem.

Thanks for the follow-up.