At 4:09 PM -0600 11/1/05, <kemtram at> wrote:
>Do you have access to a Linksys Wrt54G(S) router, That would most 
>likely get better range than the Airport Express would as it has 
>external antennas. The biggest concern would be how many clients are 
>going to access the Access Point and how far away they are or how 
>many soild walls away are they.

The only thing that I have direct access to is my Airport Express and 
D-Link 2.4 GHz Router (what I use at home). I'm might spend a $100 - 
$150 for something that I'm likely to use again in the future, if 

I'd expect 4-10 folks might be trying to access the network, probably 
closer to 4 (but, you just don't know). There are two walls between 
the DSL modem and the sanctuary (sorry, but I'm really bad at 
estimating distances, for example ____ feet). But, I'd guess that we 
are trying to reach about 150-200 feet?

I can bring a long ethernet cable and move the router closer to the 
actual sanctuary, to extend the signal.

Can I also boost the signal with a second router (for example a 2nd 
airport express)?


Tim Erickson