This puzzled me when I first saw it because I had just set up a WRT54G for my girlfriend and I thought hers had Disable as one of
those options.  I later bought a used WRT54G for myself and it also has Disable on that pull-down menu.  Just saw it recently and
remembered this old thread.  Don't know about the WRT54GC model, but the WRT54G and earlier BEFW11S4 11MHz models definitely have a
Disable option.  Best to call Linksys when a question like this comes up.  Their tech support is 24/7 and pretty good.


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> Okay, I know this list is all about spreading the joy and love of
> wireless, but...
> I need a way to completely disable the wireless functionality of the
> WRT54GC.
> I found a thread on-line reviewing these, and it sounds like some other
> Linksys models have a wireless mode of "Disable"  This one does not, I
> just have Mixed, G Only, and B Only.