To TCWUG Members,

The University of Minnesota's Digital Technology Center and Digital 
Watershed are hosting a conference on the topic of community arts and 
services for unwired cities on October 6 & 7 in Minneapolis.  The 
conference is focused upon wireless networks and tools for 
collaboration over wireless networks.  The city of Minneapolis, already 
one of the top ten "unwired" cities in the U.S., is planning a 
city-wide wireless cloud, to be implemented by 2007.  This conference 
will bring awareness to the city about the potential of creating 
collaborative arts and projects in urban spaces.  For example,  there 
are many community-oriented uses of collaborative wireless:

- Use a WiFi social network to collaboratively plan a community project.
- Plan with others an expansion of a neighborhood community garden as 
you take photos of your prize zucchini.
- Broadcast a live video blog of your school's science fair, asking the 
community for responses to the science projects.

Presenters -
Here is a partial list of confirmed presenters:

- Andrew Odlyzko		Director, Digital Technology Center
- Dr. Costis Toregas		President Emeritus,		Speaking on the 
Wireless State of the Cities
- Mia Garlick			Creative Commons				Speaking on Legal and Legislative 
- Adrian Herbst			Partner, Baller Herbst Law Group	Speaking on Legal 
and Legislative Issues
- Catherine Settani		Director, Digital Access Project 	Speaking on 
Bridging the Digital Divide
- Will Craig			CURA						Speaking on Bridging the Digital Divide
- Nora Paul			Institute for New Media Studies	Speaking on Wireless Arts 
and Culture
- Daniel Gumnit		Director, IntermediaArts			Speaking on Wireless Arts 
and Culture
- Angela Beesley		Trustee Board, Wikimedia		Speaking on Social Networks
- Charles Ribaudo		Co-founder, Jambo Networks		Speaking on Social 
- Noah Fields			Researcher, MIT Media Lab		Speaking on Social Networks

Plus a collaborative Music performance - organized by Douglas Geers
Interest groups and breakout topics for discussion organized via Jambo 

Our conference Web site can be found at:
You can also find out more at our organization's Web site:

Greg Daigle
Executive Director
Digital Watershed
m 612 636-7227
gdaigle at
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